Watch the online-tutorial before the conference.

Please find a short video on YouTube helping you to navigate on the DPPD-conference here (please click).

Program and information
on how to upload your contributions

The "Conference-Planer" provides you with a broad overview on the program (download).

NEW! Please find a detailed overview on all talks/posters with abstracts here (download).

In addition, you can download a more detailed "Conference-Planer"
to also see the talk-titles in each symposium and so forth (download).

Finally, please find all informations for the preparation of a video
regarding your presentation (download).

Conference formats

Choose from the following conference-formats.


Digital Posters

Instead of a traditional poster – which will be hard to read on digital devices – we ask you to develop a short PowerPoint presentation consisting of five slides (Title, Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion) and upload it as a PDF-document to ConfTool. Then, each poster presentation will start with a “Poster Blitz” where one presents their poster for two minutes to all attendees of the poster session. Feel free to use these two minutes in any way you like. Following these “Poster Blitz”-presentations each poster will be presented in an individual digital room to all attendees interested in your poster. In addition to uploading a pre-recorded two-minute video presenting your poster, which will only be presented in case of technical problems, we also ask you to upload your 5-slide PowerPoint presentation as a PDF-document via the ConfTool.


The presentations will be scheduled for a maximum of 12 minutes + 3 minutes discussion (shorter if five presentations are organized within one symposium). Additional details on how the presentations will be held will be provided at a later date.



A symposium may last up to a total of 75 minutes. The maximum number of presentations within a symposium is limited to 5. The symposium should be submitted by a single contributor listing all talks that will be included. Please note that every contributor needs to register for the conference individually.

Please note that not more than two contributions as first-author should be submitted (including being a disputant in a symposium). A chair position in a symposium does not fall into this category.


A panel lasts 75 minutes. Panel participants provide an introductory statement of five minutes. The rest of the time is meant for discussion within and between panel participants and the audience.

Registration fees


Prof. Dr. Christian Montag and Prof. Dr. OIliver Wilhelm
Institute of Psychology and Education
Ulm University
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89081 Ulm

Ana Maria Petrisor and Annette Kniep
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