movisens produces research grade ambulatory physiological sensors capable of capturing high resolution ECG, electrodermal activity, and physical activity data for the analysis of physiological parameters in everyday life. We’ve developed the class leading experience sampling solution movisensXS, with the most comprehensive yet intuitive design interface for developing complex studies with ease. Our sensors can also integrate into movisensXS and provide an additional option for physiological based triggering of experience sampling questionnaires or interventions. We partner with researchers, developing custom solutions to enable them to solve their innovative research questions by providing comprehensive services from study design through to data analysis. 

Solutions for Ambulatory Assessment

Physiological Sensors

Move 4 – Activity Sensor

The Move 4 allows the exact and validated recognition of everyday life activities, including a highly accurate activity-based measure of Energy Expenditure.  A complete activity monitoring solution incorporating 3D-accelerometer, gyroscope and barometric pressure and temperature sensors.  

LightMove 4 – Ambient Light and Activity Sensor

The LightMove 4 takes the capabilities of the Move 4 and incorporates 5 channels of light detection, making it the ideal research tool for studies involving light exposure and physical activity.  Perfect for shift work studies, circadian rhythm research, behavioral studies and sleep research.

EcgMove 4 – ECG and Activity Sensor

The EcgMove 4 records a high-resolution ECG signal in addition to the activity signals of the Move 4. Optimized for long term measurements, the EcgMove 4 provides an excellent solution for researches requiring ECG data for analysis of the Autonomic Nervous System.

EdaMove 4 – EDA and Activity Sensor

The EdaMove 4 provides an excellent solution for researchers investigating emotional arousal and the sympathetic branch of the Autonomic Nervous System.  Coupled with the activity recognition capabilities of the Move 4, the EdaMove 4 allows researchers to refine their analysis by factoring in acceleration and temperature changes.


Analysis Software

DataAnalyzer – Sensor Data Analysis

The movisens DataAnalyzer calculates physiological parameters from raw data with a selectable output interval. A perfect way to easily extract the most value from the raw sensor data recorded by our sensors.  

Experience Sampling

movisensXS – Experience Sampling and Mobile Research

movisensXS provides a complete solution for experience sampling (ESM). Whether Interactive Ambulatory Assessment (IAA), Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMAs) or Ecological Momentary Interventions (EMIs), with movisensXS you’ll realize innovative research ideas and capture insightful data at the right time, in real time and in everyday life.

Comprising of an intuitive and easy to use web platform and an App for Android smartphones or tablets, movisensXS allows the mobile acquisition of participant data, triggered by customisable sampling schemas.

Inside the web platform you create questionnaires and sampling schemes using our simple drag and drop interface. A complete study management suite with no programming skills required!


We’re the only company in ambulatory assessment with class leading products in objective AND subjective measurements. Our research grade sensors analyze physiological parameters as the sensor records the data, and then transmits the results via BluetoothSmart to a smartphone installed with movisensXS.

movisensXS evaluates the data within your customisable algorithm, and as a result of the evaluation, can trigger a questionnaire or an intervention on the smartphone.

movisens offers the only research grade sensor triggering functionality for Experience Sampling studies.


Would you like to receive specific information on topics of mobile monitoring and experience sampling? Then take the opportunity and watch one of our webinars. Our webinars also answer questions about planning a study and how to use our products.

For more information, please visit the movisens website or get in touch with one of the movisens research consultants ([email protected]).